Monday, 14 January 2013

Day of accomplishments...

Here is goes, my first post of my first blog, that I've been meaning to do for years.   I decided to start, or re-start doing this blog easily an hour ago -- while my son was taking his afternoon nap, thinking.."Sure, why not now?  You have at least 30 minutes to yourself, you can finally start your blog...write something witty --all before your son awakes from his blissful slumber."  Ha!  What you have failed to realize is that you (I'm just speaking to myself right now, because I'm quite certain no one, or very few will ever read this) have a tendency, nah, more like a complete obsession with getting lost in tiny details that mean nothing really in the long run that completely wastes your time and procrastinates from doing the original task at hand.

Alas, I now sit with my 6 month old child beside me in his jumping contraption with a variety of toys attached along the circumference which was clearly designed by some genius parent who needed to neglect, okay, maybe that's a little strong, lets use, divert their attention away from their child for longer than 5 minutes.  Brilliant on their part, I really would like to know who they are to send them a thank-you card.  But now I am subject to the will and length of my sons ability entertain himself for a brief while so I can feel somewhat accomplished today by doing something new, blogging.  

So what will this blog's purpose be?  Mainly to keep me from going crazy by myself during the day when I just cannot muster the energy to bundle up my child and his 37 pounds of belongings that must come with us when we go anywhere but still somehow need to feel like I've had my thoughts heard by someone remotely in my age demographic.  Don't get me wrong, my son is clearly a genius and is a complete delight to be around.  But sometimes, I feel like the conversations is a little one sided.  He currently the strong silent type.  So here it is, my place of venting, opinion, or general blabbering (the latter seems to be the case today) about just about anything or particularly nothing.  

I leave you with what made me feel like I accomplished something today:

1.  Wake up to find baby completely opposite to how I left him.  Head where his feet were, and vice versa.  Why is that an accomplishment?  I'm convinced he must be a genius, no wee baby should be able to magically levitate and change their position so perfectly.  That or perhaps I should expect an owl to come to my house on his 11th birthday to invite him to attend Hogwarts (that would be so awesome).

Genius baby at work!

2.  Make lunch for husband, while he asks, "You had a good sleep last night? He slept right through."  "Yes I did, but I'm still really tired today."   ... He replies, "But you slept for 9 hours".  My accomplishment?  My response did not drip in sarcasm nor did I act on my urge to spray the mustard I was using for his sandwich all over his clean shirt when I said, "Yes honey, but I'm trying to catch up on 6 months of sleep deprivation."  Raise your hand if you want to give me a hero cookie.  All you sleep deprived Mama's out there in the land of the internet, you know your hand is in the air.

3.  Went to baby boot camp by 10 in the morning.  (this is a workout for me with my babe in his stroller, not a workout for him, he's in wicked shape)

4.  By 3:30 pm, I published my first post of my new blog.  Go me!  All the while, neglecting, *cough*, parenting my child while he brilliantly grabs a dangling plastic rhino while jumping ferociously.  Seriously, he's already got an IQ of 180.

In the neglecto-matic.

Next on the to do list?  On the record:  clean the kitchen, start dinner, fold laundry, all the while tending to my lovely son.  Off the record?  Try to sit my ass on the couch to watch an episode an entire episode of Criminal Minds while drinking coffee and while watching the babe play on the floor -- but still some how do enough of the "on the record" to do list to make it seem like I actually did something today.  But if that doesn't happen, and all else fails -- blame the it on the baby.  He's teething after all and needed cuddles from his Mama ;)

If you guessed that I just got distracted for the last 5 minutes picking my font, the color of my font, and the background -- hero cookie for you.  

Are you on FACEBOOK (..common, who isn't)?  

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